Quality custom lapel pins, badges and more 

Craft Catagory


Popular metal finish


Die Struck All Metals: Classic look
Die struck lapel pins are all metal and no color filled, all the recessed metal in the background is textured or sandblasted, and the raised metals can be plated in gold, silver, nickel, copper or with two-tone finish and present any design in elegant apprearance.And also, these lapel pins are available to be produced with antique finish for added beauty.

Die Struck Soft Enamel-Most Popular
This craft present metal areas are raised, and color filled areas are recessed. Many people enjoy the charm of a soft enamel pin. With its slightly raised metal edges, it gives a textured feel that hard enamel lacks.
Soft enamel pins are struck from a die that is cast from your design. The pins are then cut using a special cutting die. The shaped metal is then plated, and the cut indentations are filled with enamel. Each pin is individually painted by hand using special syringes, and the pin is then baked in a kiln to harden it.
Soft enamel lapel pin comes with a clear texture relief,It is the best choice when you need high quality at a lower cost. A wide variety of eye-catching colors are sure to make your embossed soft enamel lapel pins stand out.

Cloisonne/Hard Enamel
Durable and high quality, stratch resistant.
Smooth glassy finish no need for epoxy. All the colors are outlined & separated by metal (gold, silver, copper or black nickel). A thicker & heavier pin, Cloisonné Hard Enamel pins are the highest quality lapel pins and are more Jewelry like in appearance. These custom pins are most collectable and have a great value.

Offset full color printing/silk screened
This craft is the best for complex design, good solution for photos or designs can't be simplified easily.
Epoxy coating is recommondable to create a glossy and durable finish
Silkscreen is the perfect alternative when the enamel fill process is not compatible with the pin design (i.e. when the design is far too detailed). Each color ink is squeezed through a silk mesh directly onto the metal background. An epoxy dome is then applied to insure a durable glossy finish. This process allows for blends and small details to be duplicated on the pin.
Offset digital lapel pins are perfect for designs that utilize photographs and paintings or require other fine details in color. They are an ideal option for custom artwork that uses gradients or drop shadows. Each custom design is created from a digital file, printed directly onto high-quality paper that is affixed to the base metal, and the button is then covered with a clear epoxy for a smooth finish to protect your lapel pin for years to come.

Epoxy dome
Epoxy is usually added to cover metal work surface at end step, epoxy is a translucent glossy material, it becomes solid to dome shape after high temperature baking, finally it touches smooth and soft. Epoxy dome is a thick layer to protect metal surface.
The epoxy domes are optional on all die struck pins and required for the offset printed pins.